"..reading makes a full man, conversation a ready man, and writing an exact man " - Bacon

The StoneSoup project explores the development of web based, public domain, non-profit educational materials that promote an authentic approach to learning.

New technologies can revolutionize education. Children no longer need to "Fail". With personalized curriculums, children can advance toward mastery at their own pace.

The role of the teacher can evolve from that of instructor to that of mentor and coach. The role will become simplified and more satisfying as parents and students take responsibility for selecting and progressing through curriculums. This change should not be thrust upon educators. Teachers will choose the new technologies because they are effective tools. The next step toward this goal is the creation of libraries of Web-based instructional tools (collaboratories) that help teachers meet the learning objectives of school districts, parents and students:

These libraries grow from teacher and student contributions. The computational abilities of today's computers can help teachers and students find useful resources.