First went the bolt napkins, flung abreast in favor of cardboard towels. Next, came the coil over abandoning top sheets. Now, the abashing over basal housekeeping amenities has migrated to the ablution anhydrate rack—and it’s bright that these days, aback it comes to how to set up house, the rules of assurance accept become fuzzier than ever.

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It all started with a Twitter altercation involving 20 washcloths. Yes, that’s the double-digit appraisal that announcer Yashar Ali espoused—in a cheep that was apprehend far and wide—as his adopted accrue of washcloths.

As for the added kinds of cotton, Ali arguable that, “As a couple, you should own a minimum of the following: 10 Ablution sheets, 10 Ablution towels, 10 Duke towels. Preferably more.”

10,000 brand and added than 1,000 retweets later, it seemed that Ali’s animadversion had sparked a torrent of anhydrate content, which bound becoming its own hashtag: #towelgate.

Much of the antecedent acknowledgment was alone analytic what the heck a ablution area alike is. For the record: It’s a ablution towel, aloof alluringly bigger! Think bank towel, but way added absorptive and usually a lot beneath gaudy.

Need a beheld aid? Ali’s abutting cheep included a handy-dandy chart, abounding with measurements.

Then there are those 20 washcloths, which seems excessive, but alone because it’s missing context. Are these daily, shower-use cloths? Are these for side-of-the-sink casual use? Makeup removal? Afore Ali threw his aboriginal punch, Ella Cerón on The Cut chalked her admirable bark up to her affluence of washcloths—24 are in her home. (She cites contempo analysis about aloof how germ-infested towels are for her one-use policy.)

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All amusement and Twitter artfulness aside, how abounding towels does one charge to own? Is the calculation afflicted by how abounding times you use them afore washing? And what of the bedfellow anhydrate vs duke anhydrate debate?

For answers, we angry to a doyenne of the calm arts—Suzanne Pollak, who runs the Charleston Academy of Calm Pursuits—and asked for her thoughts on Ali’s ablution arithmetic.

“This is not a algebraic blueprint and there is no absolute formula. The Academy calls BS on any dictated number,” says Pollak. Instead, she says, you charge to get personal: “Assess your needs. Account for the cardinal of bodies in your house. Obviously, the added citizenry beneath one roof, the added towels necessary.” Additionally accede accumulator space. “The cardinal and admeasurement of your closets behest the cardinal and admeasurement of your anhydrate collection.”

As for ablution sheets, Pollak is an accepted dissenter: “They are behemoths, in accepted bigger ill-fitted for pools and the beach. They booty up too abundant amplitude and are awkward for best people, with the barring my three 6’7” sons.”

She additionally has a cheating suspicion that manufacturers created the extra-large anhydrate absolutely to accomplish money, basic a new “set” consisting of a ablution sheet, ablution towel, duke towel, and a washcloth. “Our grandparents never heard of a ablution sheet. They were accomplished with a ablution towel, duke towel, and washcloth; a accurate set,” says Pollak.

When it comes to appropriately stocking your linen closet, there’s additionally the laundry issue: How generally you feel like accomplishing it? Do you charge a new anhydrate every time you bathe? Or can you save time and activity and use one ablution towel, one beard towel, and one duke anhydrate for a week? Your choice.

Another consideration: how abounding bathrooms do you have? Every ablution needs a few sets, says Pollak.

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