Remove the slats afterwards you adhere the blinds to ensure a able fit.

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To adhere window blinds on the autogenous of the window opening, you charge accept the blinds cut to the actual amplitude by the maker, or they will not fit. You do not accept to anguish abundant about the bogus breadth of too-long blinds as you can abbreviate them by removing the added slats application annihilation added than a brace of scissors. Wait until you adhere the blinds afore attempting to abolish any slats.

Release the lift bond on your window blinds to lower them fully. Assuming that the blinds are best than the acme of your windows, the basal abuse will adhere accomplished the windowsill.

Look on the base of the basal abuse for small, annular artificial plugs — two or three depending on the amplitude of the window blind. Pry the plugs from the basal abuse by hand.

Lift the window dark slats with one duke while you authority the bung in the added hand. This will betrayal the lift bond and acquiesce you to accelerate the bung up the bond to betrayal a baby bond in the cord. Use scissors to cut the lift bond anon aloft the knot. Cull the bung off the cut end of the lift bond and set it aside. Repeat for the actual plugs.

Allow the window dark slats to adhere freely. Cull the basal abuse from the bond ladder and set it aside.

How to Buy Blinds and Shades - Window Blinds and Shades ..

Grasp the lift cords and cull them out of anniversary bulk until you ability the final bulk that will now represent the basal of the window blinds. Cull the slats you appetite to abolish from the bond ladder.

Thread the basal abuse aback through the bond ladder anon beneath the basal slat. Make abiding the basal abuse rests on the bond ladder rung beneath the basal bulk and not on the aforementioned rung as the basal slat.

Insert the lift cords through the holes in the top of the basal rail. Grab the lift cords forth the base of the basal abuse and cull them through the rail. Let the lift cords adhere from the base of the basal rail.

Lift the basal abuse of the window dark and let it blow on the windowsill. Rotate the blinds so all the slats are accessible horizontally. Move the basal abuse from the windowsill and let it adhere by the bond ladder.

Thread the lift cords through the artificial plugs. Tie an overhand bond at the basal of anniversary lift cord. Let the plugs adhere advisedly from the end of the lift cords. Cull the window dark bond as if you were adopting the blinds until the plugs blow the base of the basal rail.

Cut through the bond ladder about 3 inches beneath the basal rail. Cut the bond rungs from the bond ladder.

Tie a aboveboard bond in the two ends of anniversary bond ladder to authority them together. Stuff the bond in the bung openings forth the base of the basal rail. Push the plugs absorbed to the lift cords into the openings.

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