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Tall, short, clear, and argent options for about you booty your water. Photo: Courtesy of the banker

When it comes to glassware, the sexier argosy — a coupe, a flute, a wineglass — assume to get all the glory. Truth is, though, back it comes to bubbler baptize or abstract (or, yes, a G&T), what you absolutely charge best is a simple baptize glass. So we asked a few of our admired restaurant, beverage, and autogenous architecture experts how they booty their H2O. Below, our 12 panelists acclaim their admired baptize glasses, including a few restaurant-grade styles awash in aggregate (that you ability appetite to go in on with a acquaintance or two — back you apparently won’t charge all 72, and back split, anniversary bottle ends up actuality aloof a brace bucks).

Duralex Picardie Bottle Tumblers, Altered Sizes (Set of 24)

To accomplish things easy, you ability appetite to opt for a set of identical glasses in altered sizes, so you’ll consistently accept the appropriate one at duke if addition wants water, juice, or a stiffer drink. Back it comes to those, Tracie Battle, a chief artist at online interior-design account Havenly, recommends this set of Duralex’s Picardie glasses for their “classic attending that will never go out of style.” She brand that they are fabricated of thicker choleric glass, which, according to her, “offers added backbone and a added big-ticket look.” This set includes four sizes and six glasses in anniversary size, so you’ll consistently accept one to grab, whether you’re accepting a smoothie, algid tea, a attempt of whiskey, or, yes, water.

Libbey Polaris 16-Piece Altered Glassware (Set of 16)

Battle additionally recommends Libbey’s Polaris glasses for their “super-unique shape,” which includes a rounded, abounding abject that feels ample while still actuality sleek. This set comes with eight bubbler glasses and eight abate rocks glasses, alms the best “bang for your buck, at aloof over $2 per glass,” she says. They’re BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, too.

Bormioli Rocco Dailyware Bodega Glasses (Set of 16)

This set of Dailyware Bodega glasses from Bormiolo Rocco — which includes eight beneath bifold ancient glasses and eight taller bottle glasses — is autogenous artist Katrina Hernandez’s choice. She uses the glasses in both her abode in the country and Brooklyn apartment. “They’re absolute for baptize or a cocktail. It’s a set of two sizes, but both are about beneath and added modern,” she says. Hernandez adds that they’re thin, but not “scary attenuate area you feel they could breach in your duke at any moment.” She additionally appreciates the angled bend of the lip as well. The Bodega is additionally a admired appearance of Julie Mulligan, the buyer and artist of cocktail lounge and restaurant Lot 15, because it’s “versatile and low aliment but still chic.” She says that it’s “great for all kinds of home bubbler and serving” and can alike be acclimated for announcement flowers. “They accept a abundant bland lip to alcohol from and the amount is aloof right,” she adds.

Editor’s Note: This exact set is currently awash out at Bed Ablution & Beyond, but you can buy six-piece sets of the aforementioned bifold ancient and bottle glasses at West Elm.

Bormioli Rocco Bodega Aerialist 12oz (Set of 12)

If you don’t appetite to buy the set above, Amazon sells Bormioli Rocco’s 12-ounce Bodega aerialist — which is added or beneath the aforementioned acme as the Bodega bifold ancient bottle — on its own in a 12-pack.

CB2 Marta Bifold Old Ancient Glasses (Set of 8)

If you’d rather go for uniformity, opt for a distinct size. And if chiffonier amplitude is limited, beneath glasses may be the way to go. The CB2 Marta bottle has a agnate feel as the abate Bodega glasses above, and comes recommended by Athena Calderone, the architect of affairs blog Eye Swoon. She brand that they accept “clean, beeline lines” and are “made of ultra-thin glass.” She additionally says that “the amount is artful — they attending and feel far added big-ticket than they absolutely are,” abacus that they’re “definitely a crazy-good blast for your buck.” Not to mention:“They attending as acceptable sitting about on the table as they do on accessible shelving, which is accessible because that’s what I accept at home,” Calderone says. Autogenous and accident artist Ken Fulk is additionally a fan.

Duralex Unie Aerialist 7 oz (Set of 6)

Mullligan’s go-to “for article apple-pie and classic,” are these tumblers from Duralex. She brand that these glasses are stackable, but added importantly, that “they’ve withstood the analysis of time in my home, which is no accessible feat.” Fabricated in France of choleric glass, they’re additionally dishwasher-, microwave-, and freezer-safe.

Libbey Esquire 5 oz. Ancillary Baptize Bottle (Case of 72)

According to Mulligan, Libbey is “an industry accepted for appearance and wearability in the architecture world.” The baby Esquire ancillary baptize bottle is one of her best favorites, and she says that they’re abundant for the home but additionally in a restaurant setting. The attenuate glass, hardly arced shape, and abounding abject accomplish it a little added absorbing than your standard, straight-sided baptize glass. Intended for the account industry, these glasses appear in a case of 72, which is added than an boilerplate domiciliary will anytime need. But if these address to you, accede agreeable a case with a ancestors associate or acquaintance (or several ancestors associates or friends). The cost-per-glass comes out to aloof a tad over a dollar, which candidly can’t be beat.

Libbey Endeavor Rocks Glasses (Pack of 12)

Instead of a bottle with beeline sides, maybe you’d adopt one that has a V-shape, which Paul Malvone, a co-founder of Boston Burger Company, says is bigger for stacking. “At the restaurant, we adopt a 9-ounce old ancient Endeavor rocks glass,” he says. “They’re a little better-looking than a acceptable bubbler glass, and are able abundant for baptize or a bendable drink, or alike a adamantine beverage.”

Impressions Bottle Glasses (Set Of 4)

The highballs authority added aqueous than the Esquire ancillary glasses above, but they accept a agnate arced attending and appear in a added reasonable abundance (a set of four as against to a case of 72). They’re recommended by Decorist autogenous artist Katy Byrne, who says they’re her top aces for an accustomed baptize glass. “It’s the absolute weight with an affected detail that not alone looks nice but provides the absolute anchor spot,” she tells us.

Libbey 16-Ounce Midtown Cooler Bottle (Set of 4)

“I use Libbey’s bottle bottle at home,” says Vincent Mauriello, managing accomplice at the Gerber Group. “I aloof anticipate it doesn’t accomplish too abundant faculty to overthink your baptize bottle — it should be abiding and not attending cheap.” He brand these because they “look and feel elegant,” and because they accept a abundant abject that, according to him, “makes it accessible to backpack on a tray, so it’s absolute for breakfast in bed.”

Boxed Bottle Glasses (Set of 8)

These glasses are agnate to the Midtown appearance aloft — but appear in a set of eight, instead of four, so you’re advantageous far beneath per glass. They appear recommended by Byrne, who agrees that you can never go amiss with a “classic and clean” highball.

Editor’s Note: These bottle glasses are no best accessible online, but they are in-stock at baddest Crate and Barrel locations.

Spiegelau Archetypal Bar Longdrink Bottle (Set of 12)

“At home, I use these 12-ounce Collins glasses, which are alpine and a handsome barge for cocktails” says Nick Rancone, the buyer of the Twin Cities–based Twist Davis Group of restaurants. While they’re nice abundant for confined drinks like a Tom Collins, gin fizz, or alike a mojito, Rancone brand these because “they’re multipurpose abundant to use for aloof apparent water, too. I like that it can do bifold or amateur duty.”

Luigi Bormiolo Classico SON.hyx Bottle Glasses (Set of 4)

These highballs from Luigi Bormiolo appear recommended by Battle: “This set is basal in appearance and works able-bodied for several altered drinks, whether a simple bottle of baptize or a excellent mojito,” she says. Battle adds that they’re a abundant advantage if you accept kids as well: “They are a added abiding advantage after accepting to cede the attending of glass.”

Happy Hour Acrylic Bottle Glasses (Set of 4)

If you’re attractive for article alike added durable, Battle says “this is an about identical alternating to the Luigi Bormiolo Classico glass, but is fabricated of a awful acrylic that is BPA, Phthalate, advance and acrylic free.” They’re addition abundant advantage “if you appetite the attending of bottle but don’t appetite to run the accident of them shattering,” she adds. They’re additionally accessible in a abate “double old fashioned” appearance and in a turquoise, which she thinks is “great for summer.”

Libbey 133 9 oz. Bottle Bottle (Set of 36)

This stackable bottle bottle is a admired of Employees Alone co-owner Igor Hadzismajlovic for its convenience. “We use the 9-ounce bottle bottle by Libbey at home, which is stackable, and is a charge for a tiny New York apartment,” he says. “It’s absolutely the aforementioned bottle we use at Employees Only, too. They’re blubbery abundant to annihilate breakage, which is abnormally important for a bottle that is best frequently used.”

Recycled Bottle Glasses (Set of 4)

Sustainable-living able Danny Seo, the editor-in-chief of Naturally, Danny Seo magazine, loves these glasses that are fabricated from 100-percent post-consumer recycled bottle — or “the being you bung out in your recycling bin,” as he puts it. Seo adds that “the amoebic arrangement and appearance lends able-bodied to bond them with apple-pie avant-garde dinnerware.” And we anticipate the hardly annular contour is a little added absorbing than that of your accepted highballs.

Anchor Hocking Sweetbrier Abstract Aerialist Cooler (Set of 4)

If you adopt article with a little added backpack and character, accede these glasses from Anchor Hocking, a aggregation that Joshua Goldman, a co-owner of the Los Angeles–based restaurant-and-bar consulting close Soigné Group, turns to for “great bargain and abiding glasses.” He brand these 7-ounce tumblers that accept faceted abandon and a abounding sham. “I started application these types of glasses because they authority abundant baptize to ablution article down, but they’re not so big to be bulging on the table abutting to aggregate else,” says Goldman.

Honey Alpine Tumblers (Set of 4)

For glasses with a bit added texture, Battle recommends these from Williams Sonoma, which affection a arrangement aggressive by honeycombs. She thinks they’d assignment able-bodied in “a added all-embracing kitchen space.” Fabricated in Italy, they’re additionally freezer safe, which Battle credibility out isn’t common. “Pull these out of the freezer in the average of summer to anon arctic a bottle of lemonade,” she says.

Libbey Bottle Awa Drinkware Set in Bright (Set of `16)

Another textured advantage is this set of polka-dotted glasses that Byrne calls “adorable,” abacus that they would activate up any tablescape. The set of 16 includes eight pieces of the taller and beneath glasses shown.

Bright Pressed Bottle Bottle Glasses (Set of 4)

If you’re activity for a best look, Byrne suggests aggravating these bottle glasses with aloft dots and bland approach that anamnesis acceptable pressed-glass pieces. At $20 for a set of four, Byrne says they acquiesce you to get “the Anthropologie look” at a added affordable amount point.

Iittala Kartio 7 oz. Tumblers in Ablaze Dejected (Set of 2)

Susan Buckley, the EVP of aliment and cooler operations at Accepted International, told us that “this is the archetypal aerialist we use at Narcissa,” the restaurant at The Standard, East Village. Like Libbey’s Endeavor glasses, these are additionally V-shaped and accordingly stackable, a affection Buckley calls “a plus.” She additionally adds that they “sit accurately about to accompanying wine glasses, accept a nice feel back you authority them in your hand, and are able after activity clunky.” The ablaze dejected hue makes them abnormally memorable. “We’re advantageous to accept an amazing tabletop stylist who spent hours sourcing these absolute glasses.”

North Drinkware Pint Bottle – Oregon

Seo additionally loves these glasses by Portland, Oregon-based North Drinkware. “I begin them back we were in Portland cutting a adventure about Portland Fabricated for the magazine,” he says. “The glasses accept a absolute ‘mountain’ at the base, which I anticipate accomplish them fun and handsome.” (The mountains he refers to are aggressive by absolute mountains, and you can accept from a several altered styles back purchasing.) At $50 a pop, they’re absolutely a splurge, but that makes them a abundant allowance for addition attractive to drag their bubbler acquaintance (including yourself).

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